2022 Grad Show

Anna Balabanova

AUArts Grad Show Annab.profile

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


In simple terms one can call me a versatile and meticulous designer who explores many different paths within a variety of arts. I believe that creativity is limitless as long as you are willing to take a risk to explore. For me inspiration can come from the most simple thing, be that an element in nature, a conversation, a moving mechanism or even something as basic and everyday as the pile of dishes in my sink. It is just a matter of utilizing this inspiration and transforming it into a format that carries a message a wider audience can understand. Thus, for me the world is my inspiration and thoughtful creativity is a boundless tool for communication.

Object Impact Magazine

This magazine is a discourse about the history of an interesting object. As a hypothetical magazine series the theme of the magazine can be summarized as the story of an object “from the invention to the shadows that remain...” While there are many inventions that may at one point be featured, this particular magazine issue is about the history of the typewriter and its impacts on the modern world. All written and visual content is 99% authentic, researched, composited and written by myself as part of this semester long project.

Duolingo Instagram Ad Campaign

This is a hypothetical Instagram video campaign concept for the Duolingo brand. I developed the #PetsReact@Duo campaign as part of a D&AD project brief. This is a 100% original concept which works inline with the typographic and visual brand guidelines of the Duolingo brand which are outlined on their official website. This video campaign consists of 4 Instagram ads.

House Of Print Brand Guide

In this project I develop an inclusive instructional brand guide for a hypothetical startup business, specifically a print shop.

Please note that in this image carousel I depict only parts of this project. If you wish to see the full extent of the designed brand guide please view it on my personal portfolio website.

Noppera Script Typeface

In this typeface design project I take inspiration form Japanese folklore, specifically The Story of Noppera-Bo or otherwise called The Story of The Faceless Ghost, to develop a fun display typeface. As part of this typeface there are both capital and lowercase letters as well as symbols and Glyphs. Furthermore, I also developed an example of how this typeface would pair with other fonts and work in application to a printed medium.

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