2022 Grad Show

Amie Fisher

AUArts Grad Show Profile Pic – AUArts Online Grad


My work is concerned with the ethics surrounding our relationship with the environment and inter-human relationships. As a mixed media artist, I explore presence through absence, capturing and tracing moments of care, and the environmental consequence of human actions. Rooted within the concerns of environmentalism, relational aesthetics, and phenomenology, my practice studies relationships between the self, others, and the environment. This provides me a means to understand my place in the world while drawing from the content of environmental ecology, personal health, and interpersonal connections. The work starts from a place of personal investigation with my own body and the health of its existence. It then extends outward concerning the health and wellbeing of both the people and environment that surround me. I aim to both trace and create human actions in an attempt to represent moments of interaction and care between us and our environment. To help myself and others reconsider the space we exist within; both the physical body we reside in – and its relation to those around us - and the larger one that we share.

Untitled (Caesura/Marker)

A tactile record of happenings made during periods of personal anxiety and depression. These modelling foam castings become a spatiotemporal marker of mundane events.

Death of the World


Preservation utilizes handblown glass jars as a means to preserve the contents within. Preservation is comprised of 3 jars each holding a sample – of ice, water, and earth – from natural spaces facing environmental harm within Alberta. Water, collected from the Old Man River, ice, collected from Victoria Glacier, and earth, collected from Heart Mountain. The collection of these materials preserves and memorializes these ecosystems in their current state.

Subtle Interference

Shared Touch

Fostering Relationships

Modelling foam casts the space within a handshake between the artist and five acquaintances. This very personal, physical, and temporal interaction is given lasting presence via the cast object.

Environment vs. Economy

985 Stitches for 985 Hours

Untitled (Check In)

My Body Is Not My Own