2022 Grad Show

Angela Sunyoo Lee

AUArts Grad Show KakaoTalk_20210312_154511431

Media Arts

What We Wear

What We Wear is a photography series that takes a different look at fashion photography, and advertising a look that only fits into a mold. The individuals in the series showcase their own unique style, and states that its who wears the clothes that make it interesting.

A Picnic For You

A Picnic For You is a photography series that focuses on the positive side to makeup and beauty - to express your creativity and feel good about it too. In this series, Sarah and Claire has a picnic with makeup on a sunny day.

Are You Serious?

Are You Serious is a photography series that depicts the voyeur - the paparazzi. As paparazzies are known to take unwanted photographs and follow celebrities everywhere, Are You Serious puts in perspective of how unwanted or photos taken without consent makes the subject feel.


Traces is a photography series that reflects on the sense of identity as well as finding and leaving traces of one self.

What Flavour Will You Be Today?

What Flavour Will You Be Today is a photography series that imagines the world inside of a drink - what flavour will YOU choose?

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