2022 Grad Show

Amy Yao

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VCD – Character Design & Illustration


The Best Way to Grow

In a futuristic city full of pollution, a humble gardening robot must decide the best way to a sustainable future after its creator gets arrested.

A visual novel for audiences age 13 and up.


Various animation and motion graphics works.

The Three Army Surgeons

A modified version of The Three Army Surgeons by the Brothers Grimm.

In Search of the Sun

In a civilization of merpeople trapped in the deep sea, two siblings find themselves at odds - one wants to find the Sun while the other wants to adapt to the darkness.

Visual development for an animated short film aimed at teenagers and young adults.

The Spirit of the City

This city is alive. The subway is the veins. The people are the cells.

Visual development for a graphic novel about a living city and the girl who befriends it.

Other Illustrations