2022 Grad Show

Brianna Lock

AUArts Grad Show 7147-44



Cameras. Clicking. And more clicking. It's so fascinating to me. I always tried to take my dad's camera when he wasn't looking. I started photography as a hobby 8 years ago. From just playing around to snapshots. I've been looking for my passion. I found it.

I am extremely passionate about my work. I specialize in casual photography but also self-portrait photography. I love to express myself and my story through photography. I love my job and I hope my work displays that. I treat my sessions and my clients as if they are my own family or my own session.

I am passionate about storytelling through my lens and would love to tell your special unique story in my own way and the way that best interprets you.

Women's Empowerment Series

I'd like to introduce you to my final pieces for the AuArts Grad Show 2022.

I have reached out to local artists to participate in this series for Women's Empowerment. We sit down and connect and I ask them about their personality and their traits.
I then take those details and put them into the session. I also added a little flair in post-production that makes a connection with the portrait itself.

This is the start of a new collection I intend to bring further into my career as a Photographer.

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