2022 Grad Show

Giles Chantel

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VCD – Character Design & Illustration

Hey I'm Chantel Giles! One of the VCD Character Design grads this year. I like to explore characters, environments, and stories through a weird mixture of pessimism and humor. A lot of my artwork is inspired by my passion for videogames and RPG's. Which led me to develop a semi-realistic digital style with just a sprinkle of painterly flair.

Children's Illustration

A collection of children's book illustrations showcasing a more cutesy side to my artwork.

A Book Left Behind

This project was to create a project related to gaming. I decided that I was going to make a fully functional D&D one shot equipped with top down roll 20 maps, character tokens and campaign book. This level 3 adventure takes you though a portal inside a whimsical book dimension. Inside the book lies a quarantined wizard who brought his furniture to life.

A Girl and Her Hugag

Story beats and development for a work in progress children's animation. A Girl and Her Hugag tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a young Canadian Lumberjack and the beast of legend who lives in the woods.

A Light in the Dark

Illustrations detailing the journey of Margaret, an unlikely hero stepping up to take on the mantle of bringing light back into the world.


Miraj was a world building assignment. In this desert city, people use strange magical artifacts to generate power for their steampunk inventions.

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