2022 Grad Show

Chandler Snidal

AUArts Grad Show LG-Chandler Snidal – Oct 2020 – EDIT-21 (2)



As a glass artist who enjoys the more technical side to blowing, I like to communicate my concepts through form and colour application. I enjoy my medium for its ability to capture life in a realistic and intricate way. Through my practice, I like to open dialogues and create bridges between the artwork and the viewer. I use my work to create a moment of wonder for the viewer.

My current work illustrates my desire to master the technical skills needed to blow glass. I believe first in technical mastery, then in creative application. As such, I am consistently challenging myself to push my boundaries and create something that I did not think I would be able to.

Three Ballerinas

“Three Ballerinas” is directly inspired from the famous painting Four Ballet Dancers on Stage by Edgar Degas. The pink colour of the walls and light blue interior resemble the dresses which are seen being worn by the dancers in the original painting, while the white stripes are spiraled to symbolize the elegance of ballet, and coloured white to symbolize its purity. When viewing this piece, my goal is to spark the viewer's interest in both historic art and ballet.

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