2022 Grad Show

Daniel Leal Buenano

AUArts Grad Show Face_Keyboard

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design

I aspire to make projects that are more accessible, cohesive, and captivating by turning a layout and composition and making it simple to navigate. Creating a unifying theme using design components that shapes the message of the project. And, building a creative visual language that speaks to the needs of the audience and says, “Hey, look at me.”

Duolingo: Don't know what you're missing?

"Вы меня понимаете?" I didn't either. It's hard to understand these things without enough context. There is a whole world out there that you are losing out on. "Удивительно, правда?" Millions of people with a completely different life than your own. From far away lands, people are doing activities and watching shows you have never heard of. One way to connect to them is by playing the gamified app that helps you learn a brand new language.

You're still curious about what I said, aren't you? "тогда вы знаете, что делать."

Burger King Monster

The beast approaches! What is it here for? Scientists say that it comes to destroy our meals with those pesky additives that are injected into our breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One fast-food restaurant stands in the way to save our stomachs. Burger King has discovered its one weakness; Zero additives. The whole menu has been stripped of them, even dessert. Your meal is safe here.