2022 Grad Show

Emilie Ching

AUArts Grad Show IMG_0670

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Emilie Ching is a graphic designer and illustrator who currently resides Calgary, Canada. Having marketing and design background allows her to cater visual messages to the right audiences. Emilie enjoys travel, arts and song writing in her free time.

Spotify Audiobook Campaign

The objective of this campaign is to use motions to introduce Spotify’s Audiobooks to Gen Z. It is to get users to dive deeper into the books they love. The videos suggest that when they dive into these books, they will experience another world and gain understanding. These audiobooks will prepare them to stay connected to the world and thus make a difference in their field.

Peachie Magazine

A magazine that is about thrifting, up cycling, and sustainable fashion. It is a partner project with Sahar Shah Baigzada.

The Little Prince Book Redesign

"The Little Prince" book was redesigned in order to cater to adult audiences. It reminds people about what is most important in life and how caring for others creates love and infuses the beloved object with meaning. Thus, this design creates a sentimental and nostalgic feeling. The inside flap suggests that we should look beneath the surface for meanings in life, and the interior illustrations introduce the character’s inner world. This book is a valuable keepsake for adults to recall their forgotten childhood memories.

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