2022 Grad Show

Emma Guido

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VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Hi there! My name is Emma Guido (she/her) and I am an illustrator based in Calgary. In my work I explore colourful environments and playful characters. I am always finding new ways to mix traditional and digital mediums, and I especially love working with gouache and acrylic paint. I am interested in themes of family, curiosity, travel, and the natural world.

The Perfect Home

When Bear and his woodland friends' home is destroyed in a storm, they must reconsider their ideas of perfection to find a new place to call home.

The Theatre Ghost

This project is a series of illustrations for a middle-grade reader book about a group of students trying to put together a production of Alice in Wonderland in their haunted school theatre.

The Sound Snow Makes

"The Sound Snow Makes" is a series of illustrations for a picture book depicting the sounds of a winter landscape. The narrative follows a bundled-up character as he walks through the trees and partakes in various winter activities.

Cicely Mary Barker

A collection of two book covers and a commemorative stamp sheet for English illustrator Cicely Mary Barker.

Rachel Carson

A children's info book illustration about American marine biologist Rachel Carson.

Field Guide Lookbook

This field guide themed lookbook showcases various illustrations and scribblings inspired by the natural world.


UNDERSEA is a graphic novel inspired by an essay of the same name written by Rachel Carson, who was an American marine biologist, author, and conservationist. The story follows the curious underwater traveler, who moves through the various layers of the ocean until they reach the abyss, where they become what makes them. The underwater traveler is swept into the ocean, meets the creatures in the mid-ocean and the ocean floor, and is swallowed by seaweed and dragged into a ravine. They come out of the other side to meet the edge of the continental shelf, and the abyss where they encounter the creatures who bring them to the end, or perhaps the beginning.

Tunnel Books

A collection of two tunnel books, "High Seas" and "Treasures of the Wildwood". The books are illustrated with mixed media on several layers of cut paper, then lit and photographed to be edited digitally.

Acrylic Paintings

A series of 16" x 20" acrylic paintings from the summer of 2021 inspired by various curiosities found in nature. All three paintings were sold at AUArt's Show and Sale in the 2021 fall semester.

The Seven Ravens Visual Development Book

A visual development book for a graphic novel adaptation of the Brothers Grimm tale "The Seven Ravens"