2022 Grad Show

Emma Kern

AUArts Grad Show 427_P1_Mid_Working01



Emma Kern employs the ideologies of surrealism into her photography. Implementing unusual props and interesting photoshop techniques Emma can create odd, and experimental images that evoke questions and mood. Often using portraits, the body and landscape in unusual ways to fit a theme or within a conceptual thought. These concepts often come with an understanding of place, landscape and the relationships the artist makes in their given environment. A deeply personal connection to the place where Emma grew up also influences their work to tell the story of where they are and the personal connection they have through minimal landscapes, and environmental portraits of small subjects to grasp the feeling of the space. Emma takes inspiration from the landscape, architecture, and feelings of home to achieve a sense of vastness from the surrounding areas.

Minimalist Trees

I'd Hate to be Left Here

This set of works was part of a group show for the Photography Festival Exposure at King Edward CSpace called "Dreams and Nightmares" These works are a visual depiction of my interpretation of what Dreams and Nightmares mean to me.

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