2022 Grad Show

Elisha Lozares

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I am a Filipino-Canadian Calgary-based Photographer that knows no creative limits and likes to try new things! I aim to learn, create, and work with a positive and open mind.

My photography mainly ranges from portraiture, editorial, commercial, lifestyle, and architecture/interiors. I love interweaving pops of colour, quirkiness and sleekness of whatever or whomever is in front of the camera. Capturing authentic moments, composing elements to tell a story, and making creative connections are all highlights in what I do.

As an artist and creator, I put so much of myself in the effort and ideas behind my work. Possessing a good sense of self and why I do things the way I do, provides me direction and motivation. The past year, I have come to realize that I base my practice on preservation, perseverance and positivity.

Photography as a medium, preserves a moment in time, either for you to hold or see on a screen, and overtime it becomes a nostalgic memory. Through photography, I hope to give people the chance to create memories together and cherish them together later.

In persevering and being resilient through what life throws at me, I have been told that I have a good head on my shoulders. I acknowledge the challenges ahead in pursuing a creative career, but am ready to overcome them one step at a time and to continue to do what I love.

Grad Show 2022

Monochrome Series

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