2022 Grad Show

Grace Guenard

AUArts Grad Show 9C51A628-0ADD-4C2B-B99C-6FEB9F728005



Guenard, Grace. “Pussy Face”. March 2021
I was raise in a small town that was not diverse and lived a very sheltered life. Comics and action movie’s were my escape. Compelled to the outrageous plots and complex colour palettes. Soon I found myself wanting the world to be drenched in colour and creativity. I found myself drawn to the use of comics as a form of media all throughout my university career, but it was not till third and fourth year that I got serious. Though I do enjoy many ways of creating art, comics hold my foundation.

No Fingers

My work with comics in the previous years has been installation or collages; this was my first experience working with a consistently evolving body of work. The project recycles the same materials with each phase, thus consuming it’s prior self. Conceptually the work has taken on a life of its own and I, the artist, have been feeding off its information and learning from it. This process taught me skills in adapting and listening to what the art naturally wants to become. The artwork has taken on a personified, bodily form in the shape of my own hands.