2022 Grad Show

Hollis Parrott

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VCD – Character Design & Illustration


I am a Red River Metis illustrator, animator, and storyteller.

If you were to dissect me you would find puns in my blood, which is just as painful as it sounds. Don’t get me wrong though, tragedy comes just as naturally to me as comedy, and here you’ll see the full range. My best work of course is when I combine the two.
My favourite mediums span across the board, from beading, comics, markers, cut paper, digital painting, and 2D animation. Underlying all those mediums is a fascination with bold shapes and strong silhouettes, which I love to use in flowing or circular compositions.

If you’re itching to see more of my work, click that Instagram button or website link to see what else I have available for your viewing pleasure.

Love Among the Chickens

Cut paper illustrations and book design of “Love Among the Chickens” by P.G. Wodehouse.
Who knew running a chicken farm when you know nothing about chickens would be just as hard as winning your dream girl's heart when you know nothing about love? Jeremy Garnet learns this the hard way as his eccentric business partner's chicken filled antics constantly get in the way of his every attempt to woo.

Digital Illustrations

Digital illustrations with a range of rendering.

Cut Paper Illustrations

When I tell people that I work with cut paper, they often ask me, "But why?". Well, when we were forced to do cut paper in first year, I simply hated it less than everyone else. Now it's my niche. Over the years it has become enjoyable to me, but that will have to be a secret between you and I.

Animation and Motion Graphics

A few videos highlighting my animation and motion graphics skills, showing that I am ripe for hiring.

Sink or Swim Comic Excerpt

Follow Lazlo through as many comic pages as I can upload!

Sink or Swim

Lazlo's only goal is to become his school's swim team captain, but when he gets kicked off the team for being too slow, he realizes there may be more to a fish's life than just swimming. Stumbling on to the school's pool team, he learns that he's actually pretty good at billiards. The Pool Sharks bring him along on their trek for championship glory, all the while keeping his new found passion hidden from his swimstar mom. Everyone wants him to be the best, but at very different things for very different reasons. With all this pressure... Will Lazlo sink, or will he swim?

Sink or swim is a goofy pun filled comic for middle schoolers, all about learning to stand up for yourself and finding your place in the world.