2022 Grad Show

Haidee Robinson

AUArts Grad Show C7BDFDF4-E354-4F6A-800F-3750325EAECA

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Hello! My name is Haidee (pronounced Hay-dee) and I'm a 2D storytelling artist based in Calgary, Alberta. Outside of my artistic practice, I spend most of my free time with my yorkie mix, Zuzu. I enjoy sketching from life and taking inspiration wherever we happen to be!

Concept art is my jam, I love the process of researching, drafting and designing worlds. For my final compositions, I aim to achieve a sense of life in a still image through the movement of the characters or atmosphere of the environment. In the early stages of my process, I often prioritize colour and composition to set the tone and stage. Now graduated, my new goal is to go on to do studio work as a viz dev or background artist.

Thank you for reading!


A collection of environments done over the semester based on a personal project.



Various studies of various subjects

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