2022 Grad Show

Issac Parkinson


My art practice stems from my Wiccan religion, a religion based upon magic and healing, and the metaphysical side of the world explored through colour magic, gemstone healing, and connection to the art I create. I take these concepts and bring them together in artworks that have a deeper meaning, doing what I call "bringing the metaphysical to the mundane". My work stems from a need to help myself, one of the things that I work with is chronic illnesses and chronic pain that leave me with the need for medical devices just as braces. I will take this object and add stones and colours that mean strength to add to the effectiveness of the object. My work takes many steps, starting with research. Once I know the topic of the piece I look into the properties of gemstones and choose gem beads or whole stones, and the colours associated with them, Everything within any given work will have meaning, down to the colour of the thread. Most of these works have gemstones hand-beaded one by one along seams or in a pattern. Embroidery is another technique I use to embellish the works, taking the colour and patterns found in my research and applying it to the object. In the future, I hope to be able to take my work away from just helping myself to being able to help others by creating metaphysical objects that will help them in things in their lives.

The Metaphysicality of the Mundane

This collection works from themes of healing, Wiccan religion, and making everyday objects into something with a deeper meaning. Each piece has a different metaphysical as well as physical function to help me in my daily life and chronic illness.