2022 Grad Show

Julia Borden

AUArts Grad Show 2021 09 Professional Self-Portrait Square



The world is beautiful. So much wonder is waiting for us in the 'little miracles' that make up the world around us, and it is those small beautiful things that drive me to pick up a camera. I believe that the world is made a better place when we choose to share lovely things with one another. I want to capture in images the moments in time that inspire us to reflect on the awe and wonder of the natural world, and in doing so inspire other people to go out and do the same in whatever creative medium best suits them.


Every season brings its own gifts to the camera, but I have a special fondness for the time of transition from winter to spring. The gradual melt and thaw, as the days get longer and the ice turns to water. A line cuts its way through a frozen river, growing wider as the days get warmer. Our rocky mountains always give us stunning colours of water, but I think the blues and greens always seem even brighter after months of nothing but white.

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