2022 Grad Show

Jessica Guyett

AUArts Grad Show IMG_0518


With considerations of perception, my work primarily explores the distinctions between reality and representation, the natural world and the synthetic gallery. More specifically, my practice is concerned with the interplay between form, scale, colour, light, and shadow and the ways that these interacting elements bring awareness to how we perceive visuals.

The main themes within my practice include bringing awareness to elements of perception and the relationships between the natural world and the synthetic gallery. I intend to isolate specific optical qualities of phenomena from nature and create objects that focus on materiality and process to promote questioning our interpretation of visuals and material reality. In doing so my practice explores the ways in which the experience of the work can induce sensations of curiosity and encourage broader revelations about perception in the natural world.


This piece correlates with my practice's theme of exploring the relationship between the natural world and the synthetic gallery. The medium of the work questions material relevancy and illusory tendencies of the gallery by implying possible metaphors and contrasting a representational rose with the literal presence of dirt.

Untitled (Coloured Shadows)

This installation piece is presented alongside the quote to which it is in response. Coloured shadows are referred to as an illusion because they occur in the natural world as a result of simultaneous contrast. This piece artificially recreates a contrasting experience of coloured and non-coloured shadows for the viewer to navigate through means of physical participation. All the while, contemplating the claim within the quote implying that what they are experiencing does not actually exist. The work contemplates elements of reality and illusion that exist amongst our everyday perception of the natural world; as well as the illusory potential of the gallery in the creation of synthetic visual displays.

Environmental Influence

Three coloured circles that are exactly the same are mounted side by side in a dark room. Each circle, however, is presented with a different coloured light shining directly onto it. This alters the appearance of each surface making them seem slightly different from one another. The manipulated lighting environment makes it difficult to perceive the true colour of each circle, whether or not they are the same or slightly different in colour. This work applies basic elements of manipulation in order to question the truth behind our perception of visuals.

Perception of Colour

Several different coloured ceramic disks are suspended, while projected upon them is a timely sequence of intersecting coloured beams of light. This light sequence begins and ends with a few seconds of total darkness meaning the room, at times, is almost pitch black and no colour is visible. This relationship is directly inspired by Goethe’s Theory of Colours, which states that: we can only perceive matter and colour as a result of both light and darkness. Perception of Colour, recreates this natural phenomenon to display a visual that allows the viewer to experience what becomes visible at the exact time that the balance between light and darkness makes it so.