2022 Grad Show

Kara Mains

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VCD – Character Design & Illustration

Gloam - Character Designs

The world of 'Gloam' is highly stratified Each class of citizen is uniquely arachnid, reflecting the variation of regions of their world and how they've adapted to suit them. The high class citizens live closer to the surface, in reach of sunlight, while the lowest dwell in darkest depths.

Gloam - Environment Concept Art

Concept art for the different regions and environments found in the story of 'Gloam'. The civilization is built on the roots of a giant tree and their society's social class is strictly divided. The further down the tree one lives, the lower their status as a citizen.

Mythical Dogs Series

An art challenge completed in 2021, I illustrated my own rendition of a mythical dog for one week.