2022 Grad Show

Kade Masterson

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VCD – Character Design & Illustration


I am an illustrator, animator, and storyteller looking to share my excitement about creepy crawlies, weird creatures, and funky characters. I mostly do illustration, character design, and visual development, but ultimately I want to go into directing and 2D studio animation for shows and movies. I explore a lot of horror and fantasy in my art and work with a wide variety of mediums, programs, and techniques.

This page is a showcase of some of my favorite work as of the end of my classes from 2018 to 2022. I'm excitedly looking for new opportunities to chase now that I'm out of school and let loose into the world.

Nature Story - Worldbuilding

These are some of the landscapes and objects in the Nature Story world. Vast, thick, tall forests take up most of the landscape, surrounded on one side by violent coastlines, and arid, endless mesa and desert capping the other. People haven't been able to dominate nature quite as easily and now face off against a hostile wilderness that is home to powerful and intelligent creatures. Some people have chosen to live alongside these beasts, while others have decided to face them head-on.

Animal Series

Last year I made a series of paintings and illustrations as studies, and to sell at shows and conventions. These were a bit more pastel and cutesy than what I normally like to make, but with the proper marketing, they were a hit among show patrons.

Animal Series 2

Some more of the illustrations I did last year as studies, or to sell as prints and paintings at shows.


Over the years I've done a number of short tests, films, and experiments with 2D animation, and I've really found a love for analyzing characters and movement. Animation by far takes the most effort and time to create and finish, but I love exploring the natural world through this medium.

Nature Story - Characters

This collection contains some of the characters and creatures for a story I've been working on for a little over a year.

"Thousands of years after a cataclysmic nuclear war, the bottlenecked human population tries to rebuild a functional society from the wreckage. With most of the nature around them twisted and transformed, people face a much more hostile natural world than before, and some respond with just as much hostility in return."

Conan, a young vagrant, is pursued by a powerful organization and forced to flee across the hostile landscape of a long post-apocalyptic world.


I spend most of my time working in my sketchbook. Here's a few of my favorite pages from my newest sketchbook!

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