2022 Grad Show

Luigi Pulido

AUArts Grad Show face


In my practice, I contend with the slippage between lived experiences as a queer-immigrant and the representations of these experiences within institutional structures, like government documents, official correspondence, and surveillance. Within my work, I engage with interactivity, philosophy, and performativity to challenge the ways we respond to these systems and their affects on our daily lives. Inspired by histories of new-media, Conceptual Art, and theatre, I navigate and analyze the often-ambivalent experience of becoming and how to traverse systems of family, community, and nation.

Aesthetically reduced, my current practice often engages with the white cube as a proxy for blankness, enclosure, and institution. I create collaboratively and in-conversation with others to underscore experiences, representations, and narratives that so many intersectional people within minorities face when they engage with larger enshrined structures.


Vinyl Monster

Question 10a