2022 Grad Show

Mary Snow

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VCD – Character Design & Illustration


I am a character designer and illustrator, but above all I consider myself a storyteller. Creating characters and narratives that others can connect to, sympathize and identify with is ultimately what my work is about. Growing up with fantasy literature being a huge influence on me, the majority of my work focuses on a fantasy or mythological theme, as well as incorporating themes about mental health, trauma, and social equality. I work in both digital and traditional media, creating literary illustration, visual development, sequential narrative, and also art dolls.


Stand alone illustration artwork.

Character Development

Character design development for my own projects.

Art Dolls

Hand made, one of a kind art dolls.

Personal Sketches

Personal commission sketches of friend's characters.

Redstone Comic Excerpt

Small excerpt from the Redstone Comic Chapter 1 in progress. The full chapter can be read in the on-campus AUArts Grad Show!

Redstone Concept

Selected illustration from my concept pitch book for Redstone. The full pitch book can be viewed in the on-campus AUArts Grad Show!

Books and Kid's Lit

Illustration created with an intended application of children's literature, or book covers.