2022 Grad Show

Mackenzie Wilson

AUArts Grad Show 20191006_175239


My mental health is something I have struggled with for many years, and I have started
working to make steps to improve it, to better myself through my art. Anxiety is the biggest issue facing my mental health, and I have put it into my work many times before, as it helps me process my own thoughts. I have turned my artwork into a coping mechanism for me, to deal with my mental health and explain it to others, to portray where my head is at. It helps me process my feelings in a healthy way, so I can acknowledge them and move on from them instead of lingering on them for too long.
I also make work about my own life experiences, the things that happen to me and the
people in my life. I enjoy documenting my life, to share it with others, to express and share happy memories or to help grieve the bad ones.
My practice is mainly fibre with quilting and tapestry. I have been working with data collection lately, documenting my days for a whole semester and visualizing it. Doing this is beneficial for my mental health, to put my bad days in perspective so they don’t seem so bad any more, and being able to see that my bad days are not as frequent as I think they are


Memorial quilt

Data Collection

Art works produced by analyzing my emotions over periods of time.