2022 Grad Show

Naomi Hoffman

AUArts Grad Show IMG_5311_gradshow

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Recently I have been living in an eccentric and colourful neighbourhood in Calgary which has inspired me to create lively environments and characters. In terms of techniques, I push texture and saturated colour into my illustrations constantly. I love working digitally but having my art appear traditional, so texture really helps with that. My favourite subjects to illustrate are posters, book covers and children's book illustrations. I have also been integrating type more into my work recently and absolutely love it.

Conceptual Book Design

This is a conceptual book design of Madeline Miller's The Song of Achilles. The story as well as the quote on the back all belong to Madeline Miller.

Cult of Dionysus

A series of women that I have drawn to be the cult of Dionysus. I am infatuated with Greek mythology as it appears again and again in my works.

CFM Conceptual Posters

These two posters are conceptual posters that I designed for Calgary Farmers' Market. I am not affiliated with CFM and did these for a class.

Canada Travel Posters

Inspired by my Canada 150 train trip, I decided to design some travel posters. These designs could also be used for brochures, stationary, and other little trinkets that tourists could purchase on their travels.

The Blue Below

A children's book that I have started to create. The story follows a young boy, Niko, who falls into some watery troubles but is luckily saved by a goddess.

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