2022 Grad Show

Presley Blomquist

AUArts Grad Show 2020-09-27 12.27.53(1)

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design

Ghastly! Magazine

This project was to create a niche magazine. Ghastly is a magazine all about ghosts. It has something for every ghost lover, whether you’re a true believer or not. With a mix of spine chilling tales and charming ghostly anecdotes, the magazine is sure to haunt you long into the night. It has a lot of fun with the concept of ghosts and much of the content is featured as works of fiction. It’s spooky, it’s funny, and overall about a love for the strange and unusual.

Type Posters

This project was to create a poster where type and image work together. Both posters use images of nature, contrasting man-made typefaces and the beauty of the natural world.