2022 Grad Show

Quinn O'Connor

AUArts Grad Show IMG_2811



My art practice escapes into the fantasies of popular culture’s constructs of femineity – specifically, enigmatic superficial beauty icons – that derive from the long-spread history of romantic ideas which cycle back into collective imagination and re-influence our notions of what love is.

Diary Drawings

My practices gravitates towards domestic spaces, public/ private, power dynamics, and feminine histrionic tendencies. My drawings function as diary entries, which capture the emotional fixation and point to things integral of what is going catastrophically wrong, as well as the arbitrary distractions an individual gets swept up in. The dreams and desires drawn out in distraction. The rewiring of sacrifice from indulgent masochism to the manifestations of responsibility takes form in the symbolic language of Diary one (2020-2022), Diary two (2020-2022), Diary three (2020-2022), Diary four (2020-2022), Diary five, (2020-2022).

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