2022 Grad Show

Rachel Denbina

AUArts Grad Show Denbina_Rachel_ProfilePic_2

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Rachel Denbina is a multimedia artist specializing in illustration and graphic design, with a love for all things wistful, nostalgic, and colourful. She’s interested in the worlds of packaging design, editorial illustration, visual development, branding, and children’s book illustration. She was selected for the 2022 Exposure Photography Festival for her zine "Rose Coloured Glasses", which was shown at the Marion Nicoll Gallery, Contemporary Calgary, and the Esker Foundation. When she’s not making art you can find her reading, playing video games, drinking tea, or spending the day doing absolutely nothing with her dog Bailey.

Is This Nostalgia?

“Is This Nostalgia?” is a triptych set of digitally collaged illustrations based on my experiences with over-thinking and wanting to be able to focus on the present moment. I wanted to explore the way in which I often over-sensationalize my past memories, but in doing so I start to forget the reality of those moments. I tend to remember the best memories, and forget the worst aspects, feeling wistful for a time that's past and forgetting to truly appreciate the present. This work was created during my time in the AUArts Students’ Association’s HEAR/D Studio Residency.

Phantom of the Opera Book Cover

A new take on an old classic, I created this special edition of The Phantom of the Opera with diehard fans of the story in mind, complete with illustrations for the start of each chapter.

Cosmica Magazine

We are a science fiction and fantasy writing magazine born out of a love for stories and worlds unknown. We offer writing advice to help you practice writing your own stories, as well as recommendations for books and authors, creative writing from our community, and highlights on up-and-coming writers. We want you to explore other universes, write your own, and above all: ignite your imagination.
This project was made collaboratively with Kim Claussen.

Hi-Rise Ice Cream

Hi-Rise Ice Cream strives to build a feeling of community and provide a welcoming atmosphere for those who want to try safe new experiences with CBD and THC. We’re there for people who want to treat themselves, relax, and have a good time. Indulge in our selection of cannabis based ice creams and toppings to create the perfect treat for your needs.
This project was made collaboratively with Juwaan Luzny.


Lucette is a facial serum formulated for people with sensitive skin, made in two varieties. Our Vitamin-C Dark Spot Corrector Serum works to create radiance and plumping for a youthful glow, while the Avocado + Aloe Moisturizing Serum helps to protect the skins natural moisture barrier and soothe irritated skin.
Our goal is to make you feel good in your own body. Go ahead, give your skin a treat.


Whether you’re just starting your day or you’re winding down for the evening, Reverie is here to help set the mood. Our scented shower gels are themed around various times of day, so you can set the tone that fits best for you. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, we’ve got you covered. Each design is created to evoke the feelings of the sky at that specific time of day, from the invigorating 5am sunrise, to the soothing 8pm sunset.

Needle Felting

I’ve been having a lot of fun learning needle felting lately, and I can’t wait to work with this medium more. These are some of my first creations, a chihuahua and a colourful ghost.

Digital Painting Studies

To get better at painting I’ve been completing digital painting studies using the Procreate app. I’ve been focusing on colour and light, and on getting faster at completing paintings. I've been creating fantasy inspired pieces, as well as still lifes.

Rose Coloured Glasses Zine

Rose Coloured Glasses is a zine I created where I analyzed my own experiences and memories using photos that I’ve taken over the last 5 years. I collaged, edited, masked, and altered these images to create new shapes and patterns, simulating the passage of time in my memories as they warp and become distorted from reality. This zine was selected for the 2022 Exposure Photography Festival and was shown at the Marion Nicoll Gallery, Contemporary Calgary, and the Esker Foundation.