2022 Grad Show

Sandra Enns

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VCD – Character Design & Illustration

Hello! I am a continually growing artist that enjoys illustrating and creating art that brings joy to other people. I like to create work that uses very vivid colours and my favourite subject matter are animals. But I do design some pretty solid characters once in a while! I hope you enjoy my work!

Sky Whales

A series of whales and fish swimming through the clouds


Here are a bunch of jellyfish in different styles I did for Illustration advertising. We had to choose an audience and create illustrations, applying them to products for this audience.

Planted Characters

This project was for my 3D worlds class. We had to create a story, design characters, and develop an environment for these characters. These are the Characters for my story "Planted" in the form of a development book.

Planted Environments

These are the environments to my story "Planted", giving lookers a sense of where these plant people live


Some personal projects with snakes

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