2022 Grad Show

Sebastian Oquendo Mejia

AUArts Grad Show peach


Undead. Tormented by parasomnias. Encased in this mortal shell to wield pen and mark-make. Inheriting nightmares in sheets of paper. Ghastly reminder of soullessness. Figment of the subconscious. Tempted by ink.

Nightmares in Memory

I started drawing and reminiscing about the nightmares that have stayed with me. The ones that I remain in my psyche as vestiges of the unconscious. Hand-drawn set of 2x1 inch drawings in black ink and rough 200-pound water-color paper. Part of a larger set of 67 drawings.


A collection of drawings depicting scenes translated from my mother's and my memories of the early childhood plagued with sleep-walking.
5x7 inch Drawings
Brushed black ink on Water-color paper

Print Media and Drawings

A set of different concepts relating to sleep paralysis and my obsession with sleep and death.


Sleep is a small glimpse of death. Sleeplessness is the stupor preventing sleep. It is the saturation of the brain and the prevention of the subconscious.


Collection of miscellaneous drawings