2022 Grad Show

Wenke (Stephanie) Fu

AUArts Grad Show SamBodnarchuk_P2_Stephanie



Wenke (Stephanie) Fu was born in 2000 in Kunming, Yunnan, China. Wenke currently is a 4th-year photography student at Alberta University of the Arts (AuArts) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Wenke often uses photography, doodles, and poetry to explore the hidden aspects of mundane objects and environments. Her works invite audiences into another gentle third world.

My artwork consists of mundane objects and environments. The theme of “ordinary” has always been attractive to me. It’s something we see and feel every day. I think it’s a thing that doesn’t matter so much. But at some point, it matters so much. It’s controversial stuff. I'm exploring various ways to make the ordinary extraordinary. Such "Unexpected", "Isolation" and "Defamiliarization" are the most common methods I use. My artwork is trying to let the audience revisit their everyday life and break the drowning of the mundane. My works often landed in the realm of abstract, conceptual, and creative editorial.

Profile image courtesy: Sam Bodnarchuk

Poetic Ordinary

Find extraordinary within ordinary.


Poetic Still-Life