2022 Grad Show

Vishah Nazim

AUArts Grad Show IMG_4806

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design

Ever since I was a child, I’d always had a great interest in art. I remember watching movies, animated or live action and being bewitched by the extremely vivid colors brightening up the screen, portraying an array of different emotions, different cultures and new horizons. Each color seemed to express a different expression, a different tone. They spoke to me while adding layers to the character or scene, enriching them with different themes and personalities.

Art to me is not just about drawing things, it’s more than that. It’s something that is a big part of everyday life. It’s present everywhere for me. It’s in how people talk, how they dress and how they eat. It’s captivating in all forms, be it on paper, in music or carved from clay. I have always been inspired by different artists. Some in the form of famous painters, others in the form of authors, from J.K. Rowling to the poets Robert Frost and John Keats, who used words to evoke feelings and create enchanting worlds from their writing.

This created a knack for designing things in life. As a designer I look forward to bringing my own unique experience of being an outsider to a world that I have grown up in. Being from South Asia, my perspective has always been a little different and distinct. Having spent my childhood in an eastern setting, my views have always been tinged and shadowed by familial ties and what it means to be part of a communal tapestry, I see art with a collectivist lens, a representation of the social and cultural sphere. Thus, I bring unique perspectives to the table, creating new things and bringing them forward to everyday life.

Mischief Typography Lookbook

“Mischief at it’s work”
Mischief, a font based on the story from Harry Potter, the joke shop Weasleys Wizard Wheezes, which was founded by Fred & George Weasley. Weasleys Wizard Wheezes is a magical joke shop which contains a lot of the prank items.Mischief, as it describes the premise of the story Harry Potter which is fun, happy, magical and jokes. The word “mischief” describes the playful behavior that causes amusement or laughter and happiness just like jokes or pranks like in the story. This is a short Lookbook incorporating information regarding the typeface Mischief and demonstrating it through posters that can act as souvenirs or collections. This piece will act as a means to showcase a typeface created by me. The design matches th

Pen on Paper Magazine

Pen on Paper is an independent publication with an open mind using playful, fresh, and intelligent methods to bring new ideas and thoughts to the table. Our mission is to feature articles on famous literature and books, introduce readers to people, authors, and books behind the cultural shifts, and also showcase literature in different genres. The sole reason for this magazine is to educate readers with the knowledge they are seeking is to stay updated with the information regarding books, authors, and future movies or TV shows, related to literature, using expressive and creative ways.


Minyl is based on the words “My and “Vinyl”, “Mingle” and “Music”. Our mission is to provide safe and environmentally friendly vinyl records that allow individuals to tailor their playlists according to their feelings and taste in music.

Playing Cards

These playing cards are based on The subculture during the Victorian Era. The piece is using the cards to show the progression of rich people in the playing cards starting from King to Jack.

Response to David Carson

This piece is created in response to David Carson’s work and style. David Carson's work is the true embodiment of expressive typography and design, even though his work is heavily layered. As such, he is able to achieve elegance in his pieces. Using his style and principles I created this piece by bringing his principle regarding expression and personality into simplicity, forward.