2022 Grad Show

Yuxin Song

AUArts Grad Show Cropped

Jewellery & Metals


Yuxin Song is born in Lanzhou, Gansu, China in 2000 and moved to Canada in 2009. She is an emerging multidisciplinary artist that creatively combines different materials and techniques. Her work is often inspired by nature, culture, color, and material explorations. She is currently living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is expected to graduate in May 2022 from AUArts with a B.F.A. in jewelry and metals major, ceramic minor. ​

Imperfect Perfection

The perfection imperfection is a collection of unique hearts inspired by Kintsugi and Process Art. Everyone has imperfections and experienced pain, but it is these imperfections and experiences that make us unique and different. The bubbles and cracks that occurred in the process of making are all highlighted using gold or gemstones to make them more visible instead of attempting to hide them. The heart that lights up depicts that everyone shines.

Cloisonné Necklace

Modern motif using traditional cloisonné enamel method.

CZ Mug

This set of mugs is the research result from the 2022 winter semester. I aim to combine ceramic and gems together. The cubic zirconia is fired into the clay.

Dragon Vase

Coil-Built Ceramic

Pick the "Right" Pair

I want to explore the significance of the material in the context of jewelry from the modern perspective.
Does material and technique themselves have their meaning under the context of jewelry in contemporary society? Does modern society have stereotypes about the materials used in the context of jewelry? We have almost appropriate clothing for the corresponding situation, do people do that with jewelry as well?

Porcelain and Stoneware

This collection explores the contrast between stoneware clay and porcelain by combining them together. The heart mug also has stones set in them.

Sky and Water Mimicry

This brooch is inspired by Sky and Water by M.C. Escher and aims to explore combining various materials.

Trophy Head

This set of brooches aims to critique the act of hanging animal heads on the wall as trophy displays after hunting. These animal heads are made with ceramic clay, the white color depicts the soul of the animals and by placing them on the enameled landscape, I attempt to put their soul back to the nature where they lived. They are made to be brooches because brooches are placed near the heart.

Vase Brooch Set

The vase brooch set is inspired by Chinese traditional vase art, each one has its unique meaning. They are made with different enamel techniques. The polymer clay flower “planted” in the vase functions as the brooch pin.

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