2022 Grad Show

Youngli You

AUArts Grad Show Youngli You

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design

I’m Youngli, a Junior Graphic Designer and a recent graduate majoring in Visual Communication Design in Graphic Design. Being able to use my design skills to visualize my ideas and to plan with intentions, putting meaning behind my work, is what I am passionate about. Graphic design and motion graphics are my main interests. Besides that, I also like illustration and water colour painting.

Re-imagining Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Re-imagination of the two novels, The Little Prince and Night flight, written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The Little Prince is a well-known novel that is often described as “a children’s book for adults.” Based on this, I focused on creating an eye-catching book cover using simple graphics that will catch the viewers eyes. For the spine, I included a simplified graphic of a boa snake that is an important part of the novel and a rose icon on the top section.
Keeping the same idea as to when I was creating the cover for The Little Prince, I’ve emphasized and focused on the letters and the airplane for the Night Flight but included an Augmented Reality experience with the cover. (Please download Artivive to take part of this experience)

Bao Down

Bao Down is a magazine that explores the rich and delicious history behind dumplings. Presenting a treasured bite-sized treats, the magazine digs deeper into the various traditions and the art behind crafting various dumplings around the world.


Chum is an alcohol brand that sells small sized vodka for individuals who prefer to finish their bottle of chosen drink once opened.

As sparrows symbolize the sign of spring time and flowers, I incorporated cherry blossom flowers to portray simple elegance, and created a simple pattern to be used for this brand.

There are three merchandises that goes along with the products, which are cocktail recipe journal, tote bag, and package box.


DEMISE is a look book inspired by the brand Givenchy. It is curated for individuals who are into edgy looks, branching out to become a social media campaign. The illustration can also be found as a filter on Instagram, where it will work as a social media campaign.

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