2022 Grad Show

z. aina paguergan

AUArts Grad Show 20211208_150354-01


As a first-generation Filipino immigrant, I make work that looks to my heritage and upbringing. I explore my own identity while simultaneously teaching others about aspects from my culture, transforming my artwork into interactive opportunities for hands-on learning. I choose textiles for this purpose as this is a medium that is easy to interact with; we all wear clothes, my textile art is no different. In mimicking food objects, my works invite the viewer to investigate and engage with their hands, while also learning about the subject matter relating back to Filipino culture. I focus on the role of play and touch to make my art accessible and fun for a wider audience. My work is activated at the hands of others, in touching and handling the pieces, finer details in the works are revealed. This is all to say that I like to play with my food.

lechon baboy

This work explores the technical boundaries of the shaped tapestry technique. This is my third ever tapestry, and I wanted to challenge myself to create a work that pushed this traditional medium. This work depicts a whole roast pig, a delicacy in many countries, and significant to my heritage as well. Installed in the Grad show on a wooden dining table, mimicking how it is served as a dish.

play with your food

More works considering the playful aspect of food. I'm interested in children's toys, how they mimic food, and how we often learn about the world through food, touch, and play.

you eat with your eyes

I began learning tapestry weaving in early 2020. So far I have woven three pieces, and I plan to make more. The process of weaving informs the content of my work; there is a strong connection with the slow and deliberate act of weaving, and the laborious act of preparing food. I mourn when the tapestry is off the loom; I feel that it still begs to be handled, therefore I would rather my tapestries be touched than simply viewed. Play with your food.

surface design and print

From embroidery to screen print, these works showcase my love of surface design.