2023 Grad Show

Adriana Bergen

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My practice examines how the body (particularly my own) acts as a vessel for emotional burdens and thus how the work that I make is able to function in the same way as the body while better communicating in a more universal language. My pieces work together or individually against a paralysis I have when it comes to speaking through my traumatic contexts verbally and intellectually. Rather than speak directly to, they collect and reword what my body contains, giving an outlet for the trauma and my body to speak for itself. The marks made through my body, in my body and with my body translate the emotional content without my input into the canvas. The forms move through traces of my body left behind, a line of truth grounded in the deep reddish lines. Like remnants of something past, holding within them all that was experienced, the works are manifestations of internal conflicts and emotions forced into the physical realm. The raw canvas shrouds maul through and allow an external reckoning of the traumas that our bodies, my body, carries, revealing something more, something else, that the body will not necessarily say or even know for itself. My work is my way of processing and understanding myself and how I exist in the world around me. As I make the work with my body, the work becomes an extension of myself, and my traumas (stemming from queerness, depression, femininity, biculturality…) become sewn into the pieces themselves allowing me to communicate back to them in a way.

The Horizontal Wall

Before the Red

Full Installation

The Other Installations

The Vertical Hanging

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