2023 Grad Show

Amy Dang

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VCD – Character Design & Illustration

Hello! I'm an illustrator and character designer who has an interest in wonder and fun. I love storytelling and exploring texture, colour, and combining mediums.

A Matsuri With Yokai

Yokai, supernatural entities and spirits in Japanese folklore, alongside regular folk celebrating a summer festival for a night of mischief and fun.

Find Your Comfort

An illustration series about how anyone can find comfort from plushies throughout all of life.

Fun Is Magic

Integrating fantasy with reality, "Fun Is Magic" presents the wonder of playing.

Happy Type

Process book for happy type, a project about friendship, created by two best friends.

On Display

An editorial illustration based on an article calling attention to how exotic animal cafes lead to extinction of these species in the wild. The piece combines digital illustration with photographed sculpture. It exhibits how the capture and display of otters is used for people's entertainment and profit.

Remedy of Sleep Graphic Novel

Remedy of Sleep Visual Development Book

Visual development for an original story based on the mythology of the baku, or "dream eater".

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