2023 Grad Show

Alec Fordham

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VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Alec Fordham // Aeven_indu is a concept artist, animator, storyboarder, as well as a music composer/producer. They have a passion for science-fiction, fantasy or any distant world that connects with the human experience. Aeven_indu uses Blender, Toonboom Harmony Premium, Storyboard Pro, Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Ableton Live.

Formula Galactic: Kai_Frir

Formula Galactic is an intragalactic anti-gravity racing championship. The Kai_Frir Grand Prix is located on a planet flooded as a direct result of climate change. Kai_Frir, the last remaining city is built amongst the highest mountain peaks. Here, they were forced to wall themselves in until scientists finally found a way to reflect the sun's heat back outwards, away from the planet. While this was effective, the planet was forever changed and Kai_Frir would come to be known as "the land of the pink sun."


Autumnal_blue is a 2D/3D animated, instrumental musical. Its goal was to explore the use of technology to allow independent animators, as well as smaller teams create longer films. It explored what processes could be automated and which required the human element for an emotional connection. Ultimately, it asks if these automated processes combined with human interaction allow for a film's integrity to be maintained and create an enjoyable experience for the audience.

Breakfast Sandwiches (Animatic)

Breakfast Sandwiches is an animatic ready to be animated. It is a story about the selfish nature of addiction and how we forego the well-being of others in order to find our next fix. It draws attention to the nature of manufactured narcotics in our society and questions if such substances are absolutely necessary. Made for mature audiences.


Sym-biotika is a story about a lonely fighter pilot who struggles to form relationships. After acting selfishly to save their own life, they crash land in the distant future where they must learn what it means be there for someone, or something else.

All artwork created in Blender and composited in Photoshop.

Sym-biotika Storyboards

A storyboard preview for "Sym-biotika," featuring the first thirty panels for the animation.

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