2023 Grad Show

Amber Mayert

AUArts Grad Show AMB-MA-ART (2)


Amber's artwork is a colorful exploration of self-worth, universal love, and body positivity. Using a combination of traditional and digital mixed media, Amber creates headless figures that represent the inner beauty, strength, and courage that exists within all of us. Her goal is to empower viewers to feel confident in themselves and recognize their self-worth regardless of external pressures. By creating art without physical features or characteristics, Amber brings attention to the power of our inner selves rather than focusing solely on physical appearance. Through this work, Amber hopes to foster a sense of community and understanding that encourages us all to accept ourselves for who we are, and whom we want to become.

What Makes The Body Beautiful?

In this series, I use various mediums to create vibrant and colourful pieces that represent a universal message of self-worth. My art celebrates the beauty and diversity of all body types and encourages viewers to embrace their unique identities. My goal is to create a space of acceptance and understanding for all individuals through my art. I hope that viewers of my art feel inspired to love themselves and appreciate their own uniqueness.

Beautifully Blossom

In my earlier studies, I focused a lot on flower-head bodies, using a mixture of acrylic paint and chalk pastels, and oil paint.

Body Image

My first attempt in my older studies, creating headless bodies with unnatural colours.

Deep Depression

A series I called, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Unlike the childhood son, this is a reverse take, of my depressed state of mind using acrylic paints.

Digital Background

Digital art has become increasingly popular as a means of creating beautiful backgrounds and scenery. From abstract designs to intricate landscapes, digital art is a powerful tool for expressing creativity and bringing life to any setting. With its versatility, digital art can be used to create stunning visuals for games, movies, and other digital media.


Today, it is especially important to have a positive body image and self-worth. I create art that is focused on body positivity to show the importance of self-care and self-love. I also want my art to help viewers see beauty and worth in all kinds of bodies, to break down stereotypes of what beauty is “supposed” to look like. To recognize the diversity of bodies, which is not often represented in mainstream media. Finally, my art is a form of self-expression that allows individuals to explore their identity in a safe space and without judgement.


In this series, I explored the relationship between mental health and pastel colour garments. I think they are connected because pastel colors can remind us of renewal and refreshment, which can help us feel more at peace with ourselves. Throughout society, people spend too much time worrying about their appearance and what others think of them. Red bodies represent the inner consciousness of a deeper sense of self-consciousness, which can over time impact someone's mental health.

Pokémon Fan Art

Since Pokémon Yellow came out on Gameboy Color, and Pikachu always and forever will be my favourite Pokémon. I loved watching the animated tv series and playing the games, so, I found in some of my past time creating art from the Pokémon universe.

Rock Crystals

We all have our own unique beauty, and what better way to celebrate it than through art? From the serene beachscapes of a summer day to the intricate digital artistry of the modern age, rock crystals are a great way to bring out your inner beauty and enhance your body image and self-worth. Therefore, I created a series where my body is transformed into rock Crystal-like forms.

Self Potraits

In my earlier works, I have created many portraits in different mediums, including acrylic painting, chalk pastel, and digital art.

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