2023 Grad Show

Annamaria Pereira

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Annamaria Pereira is a 4th year Drawing Major. She is a Canadian artist with a Filipino and Trinidadian ancestry. Her work consists of mixed media or charcoal drawings, and installations that represent self-identity, self-reflection and struggles with mental health. She experiments with a variety of materials and forms of line work, to create portraitures or scenarios relating to the identity. Her idea is to confront the unconscious and create a space where viewers can discuss topics that are often separated from the public, as they are made to be taboo subjects.

Burning Off

Burning Off is a series of three indoor hanging installations, which use’s the combination of wooden dowels, metal and wire to hang two subjective charcoal portraits. One of the portraits represents the natural state of the subject, which would be myself, and the second is considered to be a projection from the internal insecurities that stream unconsciously as a result of the assumptions made towards mixed people. The installations are fragile, but are bandaged through the trust of the material, despite its damages and traumas, in order to rebuild. They represent the unconscious process of trying to rebuild my identity as a mixed individual, and burn off the negative assumptions and derogatory remarks made by the public.

I Remember

I Remember is a series that documents the theme of memory and the feelings or colours associated with it. The series involves works that are on MDF board, with a mixed media surface. I use acrylic inks and gesso as layers for the surface and then sand it down to create a textured and rhythmic background. The background can represent how the unconscious carries many elements, and can become a collection in the ways we hold memories within it. Through the imagery, I hope to encourage a discussion of memories or feelings that may come up for each individual, despite it having a personal meaning to myself. It is interesting to see how our associations differ.


LOOK AT THOSE… is a life sized sculpture imitating the muscular system of the breasts. As all of these changes are happening during puberty in the female muscular system, insecurities and scares start to begin such as, size, symmetry, why people are staring at our breasts, and if they are healthy enough. According to “Stanfords Childrens Health”, the female mammary glands start to take control once puberty has started, estrogen would maintain the ducts to carry milk, which are the stems that extend outwards from the areola/nipple. The main goal was to interpret the differences of the male and female gaze when it comes to breasts, how harmful sexual objectification can be and considering biological standpoints of the breast’s muscle system.

Roses and a Drink to You


Take Over

In the winter semester, Annamaria has been working on a series relating to topics of suicide and self harm. Through the techniques of pointillism and the use of monochrome schemes, she represents the way a person can struggle with their mental health, leading to thoughts of suicide. These thoughts can often separate the individual from reality, creating a vulnerability to the identity and mind. It can also create a shift of perspective, especially through colour, as the way we see colour is affected by our mental state.


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