2023 Grad Show

Blake Cochlan

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VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Hey, I'm Blake! I'm a 21-year-old designer, who is currently wrapping up my 4th year at The Alberta University of the Arts. I'll be receiving a Bachelor of Design with a minor in Animation. Creative problem-solving has always been intensely rewarding for me, and I hope to merge my analytical, meticulous design side with my more quirky illustration side.

I've honed my communications skills working at The ALS Society of Alberta, and I hope to bring this skillset into a collaborative, fast-paced environment. Building community and freedom of expression are cornerstones of my creative process. I'm a team player looking to elevate my peers with bold thinking and passion!

Burger Culture

Practice building an upbeat, cheeky and versatile brand from the ground up. For a proposed franchise restaurant, consistency across various deliverables while maintaining charm and intrigue is key.

Made in collaboration with:
Mary McKeown https://marymckeown.com/
Erica Guan https://acireart.myportfolio.com/

Spiked Coolers Packaging Redesign

This assignment focused on refreshing the packaging and assets of an existing brand in order to cater to a younger, more energetic audience, as well as better communicating differences in flavour and alcohol contents.

SpitFire Hot Sauce

Experimenting with a bolder and edgier tone helped me to exercise my creative muscles, as well as challenged me to make everything still broadly appealing.

Made in collaboration with:
Mary McKeown https://marymckeown.com/

Suicide Serpent

Creating a fantasy punk-rock band and their supporting promotional materials, all in a grungy and bold visual style.

Swish Bath Bags

Developing this product concept taught me a lot about circular design strategies, sustainability, and consistency across different applications.

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