2023 Grad Show

Clarence Neil Manatad

AUArts Grad Show 269718057_5274599402555599_3436678608472062443_n

Media Arts

My practice focuses on the exploration of Filipino culture, and beliefs specifically personal memories and their relation to storytelling; the manipulation and controlling aspects via social control of myths within a contemporary climate. The importance of my work and its main object is to introduce, explore, and tell a story of Filipino Civilization through themes of manipulation to understand and create a point of discussion and careful deliberation towards stories and their influence on others.

Conundrum (Tuliro)

4-min on-loop video projection and environment manipulation installation

Death's Embrace

2-min video on-loop

I have a story to tell...

Web-based Interactive Storytelling and Soundscape Installation

Website: https://clarencemanatad25.wixsite.com/my-site

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