2023 Grad Show

Danielle Edwards

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I am a photographer and Glass artist. I love to push boundaries and break the rules in my art. My practice is focused in conceptual pieces, connecting images over the edges of the prints or through the frames in intricate collages, and working with mixed media. I love to tell a story and drop little pieces of myself into my work.

Bits and Pieces

Throughout my life I have experienced many traumatic events that severed and damaged the connection between my mind and body. Bits and Pieces is a collage of 12 images majorly inspired by the works of Arno Rafael Minkkinen, and the scientific research regarding how emotions are often experienced within different areas of the body. This piece is an effort to strengthen the connection between my mind and body and rediscover myself after coming to terms with those traumatic events.

Liminal Part 1

Liminal part 1 is a series of images that depict a timeline of moments from my life that sparked a change, transition, or liminal space within my life. A liminal space is defined as a period of time where "What was" becomes "What's next".
This series is a mixed media, performance piece. The colour of paint details the emotions felt during that liminal space. The image depicts what started the transition.

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