2023 Grad Show

David Ohly

AUArts Grad Show 2022.10.31.12-01-REV00.Panorama_Flatten.2000Long



My interest is in place. I immerse myself in a place and document my experience. Then I create art inspired by my experiences and dreams, influenced by my love for surrealism, expressionism, and abstraction. My Altered Perspectives collections present place in a way that is impossible to experience in real. Once I have determined an interesting camera position I set it up on the tripod and I take images in every direction - all around, up, and down. I stitch the images together in software to create a full 360 degree sphere. From inside the sphere I can manipulate the projection type, perspective, and field of view to create images that provide a new way of seeing and experiencing place.

Altered Perspectives - AUArts

This collection is an Altered Perspectives study of Alberta University of the Arts.

Altered Perspectives - Baker Park

This collection is an Altered Perspectives study of Baker Park.

Altered Perspectives - Downtown

This collection is an Altered Perspectives study of downtown Calgary.

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