2023 Grad Show

Emily Fyfe

AUArts Grad Show Headshot

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


My work investigates rural lifestyles and the natural world. As someone who was raised on a small acreage in Alberta, I enjoy revealing the beauty of the province’s farms, small towns, and forests, while telling the stories of those who live in them. I strive to bring attention to the unnoticed and underappreciated, like abandoned buildings, quiet fields or animals that have passed through detailed illustrations. Working with both digital and traditional mediums, I focus on capturing the textures, shapes and patterns that make up the world around me. I enjoy adapting narratives for younger audiences through picture book illustration.

Profile Image by Vian Esterhuizen

Country Boy and City Kid

"Country Boy and City Kid" is a children's picture book concept inspired by Aesop's "Town Mouse and Country Mouse" fable. In my adaptation, two boys become unlikely friends after learning that their lives aren't so different. Cut paper and digital is used to explore the similarities and differences of rural and urban life.

Boys and Girls Graphic Novel

A graphic novel adaptation of Alice Munro's short story "Boys and Girls".

Editorial Illustrations

A sample of editorial illustrations created for class assignments.

Lac Ste. Anne County Illustrated Map

Illustrated map of my home, Lac. Ste. Anne County, north west of Edmonton.

No Exit: Stories of Rural Life in Alberta

"No Exit: Stories of Rural Life in Alberta" is a short zine which explores issues that are connected to living rurally in Alberta. Anonymous stories collected from across the province are featured alongside linocut prints inspired from the stories and imagery commonly seen in Alberta's countryside.

I would like to thank the individuals who shared their story for this project again. Your stories are all heartbreaking in their own way, and I relate to many of them. I hope through the creation of this project that attention is drawn to the issues we face living in rural Alberta, and that changes can be made to our schools, emergency services and communities.

The Whole Truth Series Covers

Cover illustrations and designs for Kit Pearson's "The Whole Truth" Series.

Wetlands of the Alberta Boreal Forest

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