2023 Grad Show

Erin Gartner

AUArts Grad Show IMG_5230


I believe that the expression of art and creating belongs to everyone and that it holds space for unity, growth and healing. Art is a language, and it is everyone's fundamental right to express themselves in this language. Art helps us be seen, heard and challenges us to question existing circumstances.
My art explores how we connect with each other and the nature of our relationships. I transcribe conversations and exchanges that humans have both internally and externally by utilizing texture, shape, line and colour. My artworks captures the complications of these dialogues and shows the hidden emotions that are not expressed or seen during these interchanges.
Art is a safe place and an ally, and my work exposes the deeper subtext of our connections, or lack of connections, that we are not always aware of. My body of work is a mirror for that which we are not able to see but feel without realizing it.

The Transcribed Series

There is a dance between us where we share our differences and we connect. This exchange is what our world is built upon. Relationships are the foundations to our human existence and the power they have over humanity is both beautiful and dangerous. Our connections to one another is the place we must look at in order to understand, respect, and heal. The complications of our dialogues, both internally and externally, speak loudly. If we can visualize them, we may be able to remove some of these complications.
In the language of art, a language we all share we can transcribe the unseeable and make it seen. In this shared language, we may be able to understand one another.

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