2023 Grad Show

Emmett Gervais

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VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Hello! I am an illustrator and animator with an interest in the weird, the spooky, and the fantastical! My work explores environments, characters, and stories through the lens of video games and motion.

If you want to see more of my projects in full, I would recommend clicking my website link to get more content!


A collection of various single artwork projects.


A collection of various animation projects highlighting my accumulated skills in both hand-drawn and puppet-styled motion and storyboards.

Dandelion Wishes: Characters

In Dandelion Wishes you play as a personified dandelion who has fallen out of the sky on a mission to fulfill the wishes of the world. Armed with nothing but your dandelion tail, you set off on a journey through four different areas in which you team up with a cast of colorful characters to achieve their heart’s wish.
The game takes the form of a 2D platformer in which you jump, run, glide, and ride your way past obstacles and enemies. This development book primarily focuses on the ideation and exploration of the main ensemble, level concepts, and UI design, with further development to follow later.

Dandelion Wishes: Levels

These are the different level designs created for the Dandelion Wishes project. Each level was designed to revolve around different gimmicks related to the highlighted characters you would find on your journey.

God of Blighted Soil

This work was based on the European pagan tradition of corn dollies or corn mothers - the act of burying corn husk dolls into the soil to appease the spirits residing in the cornfield and to return fertility to the land.
Phyllis is a farmer who finds that her corn field is no longer appeased by the corn doll offerings, leading to her plot of land becoming blighted and unusable. In an act of desperation, she makes a deal with the spirit of the corn, the Corn Mother, to do anything she must to get rid of the plague. The corn spirit possesses her to make a sacrifice of blood to appease the land, leaving Phyllis to deal with the consequences of her actions once she awakens from her trance.

Goose Girl

Goose Girl is a third person story based exploration game that is based on the Brothers Grimm story of the same name. The story focuses on Goose, a former princess who recently got a job tending to geese in a kingdom she recently arrived at, as she goes through her days and gradually unravels the mysteries of her past.

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