2023 Grad Show

Erica Guan

AUArts Grad Show EricaGuan_portrait

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Within the world of graphic design, I aspire to create a legacy filled with logo designs and aesthetically pleasing style guides. Though in addition to this, my practice is not limited to these particular interests. My portfolio is ever-evolving and intimately connected with my minor in 3D object design. This hybrid of studies has broadened my creativity in understanding how digital design can be translated into a physical reality.


I had the honour of working at Wordfest as an intern before 4th-year studies, and we worked towards their annual fall festival called the Imaginarium. Intending to create a memorable and inviting environment for everyone attending in person since the pandemic, we wanted to create a campaign and merchandise piece as an encouragement for the attendees at the live events. I wanted to create a cohesive collection of illustrations to represent the authors that could easily be transferred into a wallpaper pattern, t-shirt design, tote bag, laser engraved tokens, and advertisement. It took 2.5 months of illustrating traditionally, vectorizing and perfecting to achieve 80 authors and host portraits.


Aether is a rum brand celebrating its 100th anniversary with a new launch of four bottles inspired by the elements and rich flavours of this company. The name Aether comes from the fifth element, the material that fills the void, the quintessential air breathed by Olympians themselves. Created in collaboration with Garrett Poon, I 3D-modelled the bottles, packaging strategy and logistics, advertising launch event and campaign. With intricate designs of the rum bottles, we are not only producing them as a limited edition bottle of our finest rum but also creating a piece of fine art for users to keep in their homes.


Blackmore is a clothing brand that takes an edgy spin on traditional office attire for women. The brand identity was kept simple with minimal colour usage and the symbol is a simplified blackletter style “B”. The advertising campaign showcases a photo of traditional clothing like a blazer, pencil skirt, and dress pants, with a ripped paper effect illustrating a sketch of how Blackmore clothing differs from everyday office attire. I created a store model to demonstrate how I could see the store layout displaying the mannequin, brick-and-mortar ad, and entrance area. It showcases how Blackmore finds beauty in the subtle and minimal adjustment to the norm.

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