2023 Grad Show

Emily Tosh

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Born in Dumfries, Scotland and raised in Canada, I began my photographic journey when I was gifted my first camera at 9 years old. Since then, photography has become my way of expression and connection. This is done through portraits, and landscapes, capturing moments of people and the world, to communicate and spark feelings. It is my goal to create images that portray everyday life and everyday experiences and reframe them in a new and different way to engage the audience and create a unique narrative. Many of my photographs contain deep and intertwined stories, messages and memories. The photographs that I take show how I experience the world. I consider a lot of my work to be self-portraits, even when I am not in them, as they reflect a feeling or part of me.

Fashion Collection 1


‘growing/dying’ is a series that visualizes how it feels to be in nature. The images recreate the feeling of being in nature at certain times and climates allowing the viewer to feel the same feelings.

July 2022 Collection

Look Up at the Grey Hues

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