2023 Grad Show

Ever Jireh Ventura

AUArts Grad Show 20211201_150952


The majority of my whole existence was rooted back in the Philippines, I was living in a small bubble and that was the whole world to me. As an immigrant, I see myself as an outsider coming to this land, the culture, language and other things that I do not know of, are contributing factors that disconnect me from the land and people. Forcing myself to adapt to this unknown environment, these assimilations started to change how I saw myself as an unrecognizable entity which later became the starting foundation of my studio research. My works are illustrations that center around the psychological and physical changes that affected me in my time on the new land and to reinforce these ideas of changes, I use figures that can be described as unworldly. Qualities from the uncanny, eerie and horror, are elements that I work with, insinuating the idea of disconnection and the feeling of anxiety about being placed in the unknown world.

mga maskara

bagong buhay

bakit andito ako?

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