2023 Grad Show

Garrett Poon

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VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Hello! I am a multidisciplinary designer based in Calgary, Alberta with a passion for creating impactful and meaningful experiences through design. With a background in branding, editorial design, art direction, experimental typography, and motion graphics, I have honed a well-rounded skill set that allows me to tackle a wide range of creative challenges. As a recent graduate from AUArts, I hope to bring a fresh perspective and a commitment to solving problems with design. My work is characterized by a focus on typography, a love of experimentation, and a drive to connect with audiences on an emotional level.

Arizona Zero Proof

Arizona Zero Proof is a line of non-alcoholic cocktails that challenge social expectations of drinking. Inspired by classic cocktails, these zero proof drinks are designed to seamlessly fit into social situations where alcohol is the expected norm. The launch campaign leverages Arizona's powerful brand loyalty to disrupt what it means to go out for a drink with friends. The design of the brand plays off of a vintage retro feel, and helps kickstart a broader brand refresh for Arizona.


Aether prides itself in being the top luxury Rum in Australia for over 100 years. Each flawless bottle of Aether rum is fit for the gods themselves. Aether is inspired by the elements that make up this realm, each variety more intricate than the next. Aether is the fifth element, the material that fills the void, it is a word that means pure, fresh air or clear sky.

Experimental Type

In my third year at AUArts, I discovered a design medium that found a real passion for: experimental typography. I really enjoy working with analog techniques; ripping, burning, taping, and damaging classic swiss typefaces to create design pieces that emote.


Partake is a bi-annual magazine that focuses on the world of molecular gastronomy, exploring the relationship between food and science. Content includes insights from professionals in the field, world renowned chefs and advanced technique demonstrations. Each issue of Partake focuses on two key ingredients which are highlighted as the features of each issue. The magazine can be read in two directions, each side mirroring the other; one that is bright and high key and one that is dark and low key. The primary masthead can be found on a bellyband that wraps around the magazine.

Peak Press Co.

Taking life one sip at a time, Peak Press Co. is driven by a passion for outdoor adventure. Peak Press Co. strives to be there for you in those quiet moments throughout your trek - whether that be in the misty morning chill of your tent, or a sip of something brewed at home and taken along for the ride. Peak Press Co. is all about slowing things down and being in the moment, just as you are.

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